Coaching with Gregory

“I believe people make fundamental discoveries about themselves when they confront difficulty, and most people avoid difficult experiences as much as possible. If you only lived within a narrow range of comfortable experiences throughout your life, you have a limited understanding of who you are and what your fundamental values are. The point of my coaching sessions is to challenge that accepted knowledge.

I make it a point to understand by clients’ paradigms up front. I let them talk until they’ve revealed hidden truths and inconsistencies about who they say they are and what they want. I ask penetrating questions designed to get to the bottom of why people believe what they do. The goal is always to strike at the root of the disingenuous.

My clients have to pick their words carefully when confronting me because I’m getting them to their core beliefs. People often think they want something when they come to me, but they haven’t examined how authentic that want is or where it came from. They don’t know why they think what they do, so they can’t see beyond their own programming.

The resolution to their problems may be something completely different than what my clients were expecting when we started working together. It may involve a sacrifice, a deconstruction of sacred values the client was not prepared for when we began. Even the problem itself may end up being something unexpected but radically important to address.”

– Gregory V. Diehl

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